To Dye For: New Hair Color

No prizes for guessing what I just got! My hair’s on fire, people! I’m feisty, fiery, and all that.

*Happy Dance*

And here’s a little something I did on the reactions that come in the aftermath of hair color:

Hair Color Meme - my new red hair!

Hair Color used: Matrix SoColor (Fashion)

Let me know what you think of my fierce hair makeover!


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12 thoughts on “To Dye For: New Hair Color

  1. Oh my gosh that’s craziness! I LOVE it :). I like how depending on how u wear you’re hair, more or less of the fiery red will show. And this bold color definitely looks good against the dark brown of your hair!!

  2. Love your hair colour… Suits you very well. Looking supercool… All the best… 🙂

    Very nice expressions…

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