My DIY Supplies + Exciting Announcement!

The blog is growing by the day, thanks to all your love, and so am I. And today I’m going to talk about one of my biggest passions—art and craft.

I’ve always been an art lover, enthusiast, buff- all that you can name it. Fashion, too, is an art, an art of presenting yourself. My passion for fashion is just an extension of my love for all things art! For as long as I can remember, I have loved to come up with crafty, new things—right from painting and decorating my room to designing and embellishing clothes (yes, my mother made me take sewing and embroidery classes when I was little, and it was much later that I thanked her for it)

So have I had an advantage when it comes to art?

Most definitely. It would be wrong to say that I just picked things up on my own. My mom paints, my dad does some awesome DIY projects around the house—plywood, walls, décor, even electronics—and together they just naturally gave me a very creative environment to grow up in. And that’s where I picked it up from.

My mom still has the same hunger to learn new crafts as she did some 20 years ago when I was little and would tag along to her screen painting classes 😛 When I grew up, we ventured into making jewelry and personalized gifts,  putting together all that we had learnt or acquired so far in our lives. And it went well, until I left home and shifted base to Mumbai. But it didn’t stop our crafty journey. She still gets together with dad to come up with some amazing home décor DIY projects, and I, here, have decided to share all my tips and ideas with you through regular DIY tutorials on the blog.

Although most of my personal art supplies are gathering dust in my studio back at home, I have managed to put together a mini DIY kit here with the very basic supplies. You can make one too! Have a look at the handy treasures I’m storing in very little space:




Now the blog is focused on fashion, and while I would definitely like to do most of my DIY posts around fashion & style, I would not want to restrict myself to it. I mean, isn’t it just as important to know how to arrange your jewelry beautifully, as it is to learn how to revamp or make it?

So hereby I announce Fashion Candy’s new segment—Do It Yourself tutorials!  Please share your views and suggestions with me, or simply comment below to tell me what you would look forward to seeing under the DIY section.

Lots of love…talk soon!


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8 thoughts on “My DIY Supplies + Exciting Announcement!

  1. Wow… DIY surely needs a very creative and energetic mind. Love your DIY kit. Waiting for your DIY tutorials. And your paintings and your earthen lamp (diya) designs are awesome. Could you give us a sneak peek of your beautiful previous works too? Waiting for your tutorials and previous works. 🙂

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